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Product ID : DIHY

We do our best for providing better service for our customers.

Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieves, CMS, HFS, Silica Gel, and etc.

Desiccant for Air Dryer and PSA application

Product ID : DIJO

Electric Drain Trap with timer controlled direct action.

Oil-Water Separator and various solenoid valves

Electric Drain Trap, Oil-Water Separator and Solenoid Valve

Product ID : DIBK

Various Solenoid valves

Various Solenoid Valve and Processing Valve

Product ID : DICD

텍스트 상자: MDR series Pressure Switch and others.

Pressure Switch and other control parts

텍스트 상자: Air compressor and Air Dryer products sales, importing and exporting, repair.
General importing and exporting consultation.

Service for Air compressor and Air dryer products


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Product ID : DIWK

High quality compressed air filters and elements/desiccant air dryer.

(Medical, breathable, Precise industrial), or any brand alternative element.

Compressed air filters and elements, Desiccant air dryer